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Mandahlay Versus One Shoulder Split Dress

Mandahlay Versus One Shoulder Split Dress

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  • Production Process: Sublimation
  • Material Description: 85% Polyester+15% Cotton
  • Product Performance: This One Shoulder Split Dress is made from a combination of polyester and cotton, offering a soft and comfortable feel with a moderate thickness and texture. The fabric is slightly elastic and not prone to shrinking. The One Shoulder Split Dress features a single sleeve on one side, providing a slender silhouette with a slightly padded shoulder for added comfort. The waist area is equipped with a zipper for easy adjustment, allowing for a customized fit. The split design on the One Shoulder Split Dress adds a fashionable touch while ensuring flexibility and breathability. The body-hugging One Shoulder Split Dress showcases your curves, making it perfect for everyday wear.
  • Applicable Scenarios: Suitable for wearing in daily life or on important occasions.
  • Washing Instructions: Hand or machine washing under 45 degrees Centigrade. Do not bleach or soak for a long time.
  • Special Description: The product is European size. Please allow 1-2 cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement. Ensure the color of your design picture different from that of the product, otherwise the ink will not come out during the printing. The above conditions are NOT within the scope of the warranty and service.
  • Reminder: Please note that all pictures shown on our website are for illustration purpose only and actual products may vary due to product enhancement or change. Please allow a small difference in color, location and size due to production batches, machines and other objective factors. The above conditions are not within the scope of the warranty and service.

One Shoulder Split Dress BIQ (All-Over Printing)

Size Length (cm/in) Chest (cm/in) Waist (cm/in) Sleeve Length (cm/in)
XS 147/58.87 74/29.13 60/23.62 60/23.62
S 148/58.27 78/30.71 64/25.2 61/24.02
M 149/58.66 82/32.28 68/26.77 62/24.41
L 150/59.06 86/33.86 72/28.35 63/24.8
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